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xkai_akaix's Journal

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stage name Kai
real name Uke Yutaka
position drummer
birth date 10/28/1981
birth place Tokushima


He is not the original drummer of Gazette.
His favorite animals are dogs, tigers and crocodiles.
His favorite colors are black, white, red, silver, gold and blue.
His smokes: Red Malboro [uh, aren't those just 'Malboros'?]
His favorite perfumes are Blue, Sculpture and Jaguar.
His favorite season is winter.
He collects Zippos
He loves to cook.
He likes playing soccer, and wanted to be a soccer player. [Bend it like Kai?]

][This is a Kai-sama RP journal. If I were the real Kai...I'd probably be the same o.o][